vCloud Air Fundamentals


This course explains the challenges with public cloud offerings and how VMware vCloud® Air™ helps you, as an administrator, to overcome these challenges by employing a hybrid cloud solution. This course also describes the networking concepts and management tools associated with vCloud Air.

Duration: 03 hours

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Explain how vCloud Air helps its customers employ a hybrid cloud solution

-  Explain vCloud Air networking concepts

-  Discuss the importance of Hybrid Cloud Manager in the migration of workloads to the cloud

-  Explain the use of vCloud Air management tools

-  Obtain an overview of the disaster recovery service from vCloud Air

Course Outline:

1. Course Introduction

-  VMware vCloud Air Fundamentals

-  Course Objectives

-  Course Outline

2. Introduction to VMware vCloud Air

-  Module Introduction

-  Module Objectives

-  Challenges with Public Cloud Offerings

-  What is vCloud Air?

-  Benefits of vCloud Air

-  VMware's Hybrid Cloud Vision

-  vCloud Air Use Cases

-  Disaster Recovery

-  Key Differentiating Factors for Disaster Recovery

-  Data Center Extension

-  Key Differentiating Factors for Data Center Extension

-  Data Center Replacement

-  Key Differentiating Factors for Data Center Replacement

-  vCloud Air Service Delivery Components

-  Core Compute Services

-  Storage Services

-  Availability Services

-  Platform Services

-  Networking Services

-  Hybrid Networking Services

-  Hybrid Management Services

-  Data Center Locations

-  vCloud Air Security and Compliance

3. VMware vCloud Air Networking

-  Module Introduction

-  Module Objectives

-  vCloud Air Networking Overview (1)

-  vCloud Air Networking Overview (2)

-  Basic Networking Services

-  Edge Gateway Networking Services

-  NAT


-  Load Balancer

-  Firewall

-  IPsec VPN

-  Static Routing

-  vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services

-  Enhanced Load Balancing

-  Trust Groups/Micro-Segmentation

-  Network Scaling

-  Connecting vCloud Air and Data Center

-  Public Internet

-  IPsec VPN

-  Direct Connect

4. VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager

-  Module Introduction

-  Module Objectives

-  Hybrid Cloud Manager Overview

-  Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Manager

-  Features of Hybrid Cloud Manager

-  Enhanced Migration Overview

-  Virtual Machine Migration for Hybrid Cloud Portability

-  Replication-Based Migration

-  Replication-Based Migration – Switchover Methods

-  Network Extension Overview

-  Prerequisites for Replication-Based Migration and Network Extension

-  Stretching a Network from On-Premises to vCloud Air

-  Demonstration: Virtual Machine Migration with Zero Downtime

-  Hybrid Cloud Manager Deployment Components

-  Hybrid Cloud Manager Deployment Process

-  Installing and Configuring Hybrid Cloud Manager

-  Demonstration: Installing and Configuring Hybrid Cloud Manager Services

-  Hybrid Cloud Manager Use Cases

-  Hybrid Cloud Manager Packaging

5. VMware vCloud Air Management Tools

-  Module Introduction

-  Module Objectives

-  Overview of the vCloud Air Management Tools

-  vCloud Air Web Portal

-  Features of vCloud Air Web Portal

-  vCloud Connector

-  Features of vCloud Connector

-  vRealize Operations Management Pack

-  Features of vRealize Operations Management Pack

-  vRealize Automation

-  Features of vRealize Automation

-  Native Monitoring APIs

-  Benefits of Native Monitoring APIs

6. VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

-  Module Introduction

-  Module Objectives

-  vCloud Air Services

-  What is vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

-  Components of Disaster Recovery

-  vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Service

-  System Requirements for Disaster Recovery

-  vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Locations

-  Protecting Workloads Using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

-  Integration with vSphere Web Client

-  Multiple Point-in-Time Recovery Snapshots

-  Failback using vSphere Replication

-  vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vCloud Air

-  Disaster Recovery Automation Options

-  Disaster Recovery Service Architecture

-  Disaster  Recovery Process Workflow

-  Demonstration: Disaster Recovery Setup and Configuration

-  Demonstration: Disaster Recovery Failback

-  Disaster Recovery Considerations

-  Disaster Recovery Scale Out

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