3D Interaction Design in Virtual Reality

I.       Overview:

This race will teach you about one of the most important aspects of VR, how you interact with a VR world. Virtual Reality is completely different from the game. You are completely immersed in a VR world, so it does not make sense to interact only through buttons or menus. You will get the most out of VR if you can interact with the world just as you would with the real world: with your natural body movements. You will learn about the basic concepts and technologies of VR Interaction. You will then get your hands on learning how to move around in VR and how to interact with the objects in your world. The VR Interaction. VR Interaction.

II.    Duration:  40 hours
III. Prerequisites:

Basic programming knowledge is needed.

IV. Course outlines:

1.      Interaction in VR

We will cover interaction in VR. You will discover different types of interaction, and how to interact with different HMDs. We'll go to the MOOC's project.

2.      Moving around in VR

We'll cover moving around in VR. We'll look at physical navigation, such as walk-in-place, and virtual navigation, such as teleportation. You will end the week by starting your project, and submitting your work in progress.

3.      Interacting with Objects in VR

We will be interested in interacting with objects in VR. We'll cover topics such as interacting with objects within reach, hyper-natural interaction, and magic interaction. We'll then move on to physics interaction, and how this works in VR.

4.      Challenges in VR Interaction and User Interfaces in VR

We'll be looking for challenges in VR interaction, and user interfaces in VR. You'll begin by learning about graphical user interfaces in VR, including abstract interfaces and diegetic and non-diegetic UI, before moving on to VR interaction.

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