Making Your First Virtual Reality Game

I.       Overview:

Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting experiences that technology can give us. The immersion and presence you can have in VR is quite unlike any other medium. Like many others, you're excited about the possibilities of this new medium and want to get started developing your own VR experiences. This race will take you through the steps you need to create a VR game or other project.

This is the final course in our Specialization: Virtual Reality. The previous races teach you the skills you need to make a VR game. This course brings you to a project of your own.

We will guide you through the steps of a project: coming up with an idea, storyboarding, prototyping, testing and implementation. By the end of this race you have a complete VR project that demonstrates your skills and the first step in creating a professional game.

 We hope this is your entry into professional VR development. To help you get started, some good advice always helps. That's why we've interviewed VR experts from all over the world, ranging from technology pioneers to over 30 years VR experience. We have asked you all for their advice and we hope it will inspire you to become part of the future of VR.

II.    Duration:  40 hours
III. Prerequisites:

Basic programming knowledge is needed.

IV. Course outlines:

1.      Welcome

This module you will start the process of creating your first VR Game. We will explain the steps you take when you're creating the game and start thinking about your idea. You will also meet our experts who will be explaining their projects and giving advice to you.

2.      The game concept

This module you will be developing your game idea into a more complete design by developing a storyboard.

3.      Prototyping

This module you will be working on your first working prototype, which will test the basic mechanics and interaction of your game.

4.      Testing

Last module, you will have a prototype, and this module you will be able to test it for your future development.

5.      Developing your game

This module you will be using the results of your own game.

6.      The final project

This is the final module of this race, and the whole specialization. You will be finishing your game project and submitting it for peer review. You will also have a chance to reflect on what you have learned and look to the future of VR, and your place in it.

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