Purchasing in SAP S4HANA

I.       Overview:
  • This course is also available in a self-paced e-learning format with an active subscription to the SAP Learning Hub, as S4520E. This course is a deep dive into purchasing in SAP S/4HANA. You learn how to configure and use specific purchasing capabilities using classic SAP GUI transactions as well as SAP Fiori apps.
II.    Duration:

5 days

III. Objectives
  • This course will prepare you to:

-          Explain, configure, and maintain purchasing master data

-          Explain, configure, and execute specific procurement processes.

IV. Intended Audience
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program/Project Manager
  • User
V. Prerequisites
  • Essential

-          Knowledge about business processes in SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement (comparable to S4500 content)

  • Recommended

-          None

VI. Course outlines
  • Purchasing master data

-          Material master records

-          Business partners

-          Partner functions

  • Sources of supply and conditions

-          Price determination basics

-          Info records

-          Contracts

-          Scheduling agreements

  • Source determination

-          Source determination with source lists

-          Source determination with quota arrangements

-          Additional aspects of source determination

-          Blocking sources of supply

-          Self-Service requisitioning with catalog

  • Optimized purchasing

-          Processing unassigned and assigned purchase requisitions

-          Monitoring purchase orders

  • Document release procedure

-          Releasing purchasing documents

-          Converting released purchase requisitions

-          Configuring and creating release procedures

-          Scenario-based Workflows

  • Specific procurement processes

-          Creating invoices using invoice plans

-          Creating blanket purchase orders

-          Deploying subcontracting

-          Purchasing with manufacturer part numbers

-          Deploying additional special procurement processes

  • Supplier evaluation

-          Evaluating vendors

-          Setting up supplier evaluation

-          Setting up supplier evaluation by purchasing category

  • Purchasing document types

-          Adjust document types

-          Setting up field selection

-          Deploying version management

Analyzing special aspects in customizing

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