Lead Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Manager


Any document management project, whether for a public or private archive, needs to incorporate digitalization as an essential instrument to achieve an effective and secure electronic file management system. Digitalization and Electronic Archiving as a discipline, addresses the issues and trends in document and records keeping in the digital age. This involves digital curation, web archiving, personal information management and managing records in digital repositories. Hence, it covers the essential elements to know to tackle a project of digitalization and archiving of digital data, in particular, security techniques, the risks and the legal and regulatory issues of such a project, without forgetting the contractual and insurance aspects. 

This course provides all the critical knowledge required to approach, understand, manage and successfully carry out a digitalization and retention/archiving project, including security, search and risk analysis techniques and the identification of legal, regulatory, contractual and insurance issues. A set of methodological tools is included in the themes covered, to effectively digitize any process and choose the appropriate solution without getting into the details of the related technologies. Finally, the course offers some food for thought on the changes in store for digital data and the new technologies to consider for establishing true data governance.

When you are well versed in all the concepts required for digitalization project, you will be able to take the exam and apply to be a PECB Certified Lead Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Manager. By earning this certificate, you will demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional capacities to support and direct a team in charge of carrying out a digitalization and electronic retention/archiving project.

Duration:  05 days
  • Master the information and data required to know how to approach a digitalization project methodically and efficiently
  • Learn the major principles of digital information security techniques and the concepts of electronic evidence
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the three pillars of any digitalization project: electronic signature, digital data retention/archiving and digital document flow or life cycle management
  • Identify the risks of a digitalization project
  • Master the key steps and best practices of digitalization projects, including contractual aspects and how to establish a body of legal-technical documents
  • Identify the technical, economic, organizational, legal and regulatory constraints related to dematerialization or paperless processing
  • Acquire techniques/methods for choosing a solution objectively
Intended Audience: 
  • Digitalization and electronic archiving project managers
  • Consultants, security managers, IT coordinators, jurists and archivists asked to manage digitalization and electronic archiving projects
  • Data governance managers, risk management coordinators
  • Anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the issues involved in the digitalization of business processes and conserving digital data, or digital transformation in general, including:
    • Expert advisors in information technology
    • Information security officers
    • Information security managers
    • All IT professionals
    • CTOs, CIOs and CISOs

Solid knowledge of IT processes (information flows) and an overview of information systems. Knowledge on system security concepts is also a plus.

Course outlines:
  1. Day 1: Awareness of process digitalization and the retention/archiving of digital data
  2. Days 2 and 3: Methodological aspects of a digitalization project
  3. Day 4: Solutions and body of documents
  4. Day 5: Developments and certification exam
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