Value Stream Mapping For DevOps℠


What is the value stream? All of the steps that are currently performed to deliver products and services to end-users and customers, whether they add value or not. Value stream mapping has been identified as a critical skill for organizations adopting a DevOps approach.

This course is focused on Value Stream Mapping specifically in a DevOps context. Participants will learn how to create current and future state value stream maps in DevOps environments, and how to use value stream maps as a vehicle of sustained DevOps continuous improvement. Participants also gain an understanding of where streamlining and automating core processes drive quality, lessen costs and mitigate risks to align business services with IT. This drives value and identifies and reduces non-value adding activities.

This DrillDown provides a practical understanding and hands-on experience with Value Stream Mapping. It was built in partnership with Mike Orzen, a recognized and prominent Lean thought leader and author.


16 hours


Attendees to Value Stream Mapping for DevOps will

-       Learn about value stream mapping methods

-       Understand how value stream mapping applies to DevOps

-       Learn to value stream map by doing

-       Be aware of common mistakes when using value stream mapping

-    Be equipped with a tool they can apply now

Intended Audience:

The target audience for the Value Stream Mapping for DevOps course are professionals including:

-       Anyone involved in defining a DevOps strategy and program

-       Developers and Operational staff

-       IT Managers and Team Leaders

-       Directors

-       Project Managers

-       Continuous Delivery Architects

-       IT Practitioners and Change Agents

-       Agile, Lean, ITSM and Organizational Change coaches

-       Security professionals

-       Business stakeholders

-    DevOps Consultants


There are no prerequisites to attending Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

Course outlines:

1.      Learning Value Stream Mapping Methods

2.      Understanding how Value Stream Mapping applies to DevOps

3.      Learning to Value Stream Map by doing

4.      Being aware of common mistakes when using Value Stream Mapping

5.      Lean IT/DevOps Refresher

6.      Why Value Stream Mapping for DevOps?

7.      Introductory Concepts

8.      IT SIPOC Case Study

9.      Current State Value Stream Mapping

10.    Current State VSM Case Study

11.    Barriers to Flow

12.   Breaking the Barrier of Flow

13.   Future State Value Stream Mapping

14.   Future State VSM Case Study

15.   Reports Outs and Feedback

16.   Leveraging VSM to Drive DevOps

17.   Developing a Plan of Action

18.  Common Mistakes and Hazards

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