IT Service Desk


03 days (24 hours)


IT Service Desk course – provides you with an understanding and experience with:

  • The Definition, the Goal and the Importance of the Service Desk, and the reasons your organization/business needs an IT Service Desk.
  • The different types of Service Desk organization structures, their relative roles/responsibilities, and choosing the right type of Service Desk for your own organization, based on the business requirements.
  • The Service Catalog with examples – the importance, the required communications & the relationships of Services, the Service Owner(s), Service Manager(s), Service Desk Manager(s), and the Service Desk team.
  • Overview of the 3 typical processes and the required skills within a Service Desk. The reasons the Service Desk must combat technical silos, to support our organization effectively and efficiently.
  • The responsibilities of the Service Desk in choosing the right technologies (phone, Service Desk software, etc.) to support our organization, based on our customer types.
  • The responsibilities of the Service Desk team to administrate the Service Desk tool, including: customize further business rules, user views, provide user trainings, create reports for the IT team, and for the business when required, etc.
  • The reasons the Service Desk chooses to outsource the some of the above responsibilities.
  • The importance for the official Service hand-over (from Service Transition to Service Operation), from Project Management to the Service Desk, including: technical trainings and Service policies. This transition is the crucial step to ensure the success for our Service Desk at supporting our organization.
  • The development strategies to grow and harness our Service Desk team
  • (Level1 + Level2). This helps our organization to save Costs and improve our Service Quality. This also helps the Service Desk team to achieve a higher percentage of First Call Resolution rate. which is 1 of the core KPIs of the Service Desk team.
  • Compliance – IT Governance is crucial to Corporate Governance, and the Service Desk team is part of this journey. The type of Audits for the Service Desk team.
  • The Customer Satisfaction survey – the role of the Service Desk with promoting and improving our IT services. This helps us to discover our customers’ maturity level at using our services.
  • The required communication templates for the Service Desk team.
  • The Service Desk’s usual KPIs for Improvements.
  • Full usage training of the 2 core processes. This helps our Service Desk team to use the Service Desk software effectively and professionally.
Intended audience  
  • IT Service Desk team members
  • Senior members of the IT team
  • Anyone from the business who are interested in knowing how their Service Desk must be, to achieve real results.
Course Outlines

Day 1


  • The Goal and the Importance of the Service Desk.
  • Different Types of the Service Desk Organization Structures.


  • The Service Catalogue and the importance of each related attributes (Service Manager, Service Owner, SLA, etc.).
  • Overview of the 3 typical processes (Request Fulfillment, Incident Management, and Access Management) and the required skills (Technical Skills and Soft Skills) within a Service Desk.

Day 1 Overview:

  • You will gain the knowledge of a “real world” Service Desk, and the reasons the service Desk is one the face of the IT organization.
  • The required skills the Service Desk must possess to support the business.
  • You will learn the many types of the Service Desk organization structures, and map your own Service Desk to one of these, to support your business effectively.
  • You will learn about the Service Catalog, the relationships & the importance of its relative attributes – the importance of the Service Owner(s), the Service Manager(s), the required communications to ensure that both the users and IT staff are fully aware of the critical situations, etc. As an IT Service Provider, the Service Catalog is the most important aspect, it acts as a Menu of a Restaurant, and the Service Desk must ensure that the entire team understands the Service Catalog, and drive the whole IT team to achieve the Agreed Targets.
  • You will also gain an overall understanding of the 3 core processes: Request Fulfillment, Incident Management, and Access Management that a Service Desk must manage, depending on the maturity level of your current IT Management model. You will also know some of the recommended soft skills that the Service Desk will need to have to perform their daily routine successfully.

Day 2:


  • Overview of the 3 typical processes (cont’).
  • Some of the required soft skills
  • The responsibilities of the Service Desk in choosing the right technologies.


  •  The responsibilities to Administrate the Service Desk tool. Choosing In-sourcing vs Outsourcing.
  • The Importance of Service Transition to Service Operation – The hand-over step to guarantee the success of the Service Desk team.

Day 2 Overview:

  • As the Service Desk is a Single Point of Contact - dealing with both customers and technical staff on the daily basis. It is very clear that the Service Desk team must choose the right technologies (Service Desk, phone, etc.) to support our customers, based on the current global usage trend, and the type of customers.
  • The Service Desk team will own these technologies, and must care for them. Hence, choosing the right method of care-taking is also an overwhelming job, depending on the skills and resources that the Service Desk has…
  • You will learn the Transitioning step from Projects to the Service Desk team, thru technical training, policies, processes, etc., to ensure that the Service Desk team is well prepared to support our organization seamlessly.

Day 3:


  •  The development process to grow and harness our Service Desk team.
  • Compliance – IT Governance and the Service Desk.


  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Quick introduction of Service Desk Plus and the usage of the 2 core processes: Request Fulfillment and Incident Management.

Day 3 Overview:

  •  You will learn the steps of how to develop and assess the Service Desk team professionally, based on KPIs.
  • You will learn the basics of IT Governance and how to audit the processes that the Service Desk manages.
  • You will learn the difference in performing a useful Customer Satisfaction survey, which will help the IT team to improve your Service Quality, compared to the average Survey that is also known as “spam mail”.
  • You will learn how to use the Request Fulfillment and the Incident management processes professionally.
  • The KPIs – Assessments for the Service Desk.
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