Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016


Microsoft’s latest version of SharePoint Services has never been more powerful or complex. This course will provide best practices for planning, installing, and configuring a SharePoint 2016 environment for on-premise or cloud-integrated environments while preparing the learner for the 70-339 exam. The student will learn how to plan the physical and logical topology of SharePoint sites, site collections, web applications, and farms using best practices and design guidelines that meet various performance and security needs. The student will be able to install SharePoint 2016 and configure service applications. Then the course will focus on helping students manage and configure security facets, search elements, and optimization tools and strategies. Note that this course is NOT designed to teach the framework of SharePoint team sites, lists, libraries, and other “front-end” SharePoint components.


32 hours (4 days)


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Secure SharePoint 2016

  • Configure SharePoint 2016 Taxonomy and Search

  • Plan and Install SharePoint 2016

  • Upgrade and Update SharePoint 2016

  • Monitor, Tune, and Troubleshoot SharePoint 2016

  • Protect SharePoint 2016 with High Availability and Recovery

  • Manage SharePoint 2016 Content Deployment

  • Interconnect SharePoint 2016 with other products

  • Deploy various SharePoint 2016 Service Applications.

Intended Audience

This course targets IT professionals who will manage the planning, installation, configuration, security, or performance of an on-premises SharePoint 2016 environment that is autonomous or has a hybrid connection to Office 365. It is also designed for individuals who seek professional distinction by attaining the SharePoint 2016 MCSE by completing their MCSA and passing the Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (70-339) exam..


To benefit fully from this course, students should have the following prerequisite courses/skills and knowledge:

  • Experience with SharePoint dependent technologies including; Windows Server 2012 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server 2014 or later, Active Directory, and PowerShell Experience with high availability and business continuity technologies
  • Experience with continuity management, including data backup and high availability
  • Has a working knowledge of, and preferably hands-on experience with SharePoint and is familiar with expected types of SharePoint workloads
Course Outline

Module 1: Design SharePoint infrastructure

  •  Design information architecture

  •  Design a logical architecture

  •  Design a physical architecture

  •  Plan an installation

  •  Plan a hybrid cloud environment

Module 2: Plan authentication and security Plan and configure authentication

  •  Plan and configure authorisation

  •  Plan and configure platform and farm security

  •  Create and configure a User Profile Service (UPA) application

  •  Manage site and site collection security

  •  Provision and configure web applications

Module 3: Plan workload optimisation

  • Create and maintain site collections

  •  Plan SharePoint high availability and disaster recovery solutions

  •  Plan backup and restore

  •  Plan and configure social workloads

  •  Plan and configure a Web Content Management (WCM) workload

  •  Plan and configure an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) workload

Module 4: Plan productivity solutions

  •  Evaluate content and customisations

  •  Plan an upgrade process

  •  Create and configure app management

  •  Create and configure productivity services

  •  Create and configure a Business Connectivity Service (BCS) and Secure Store application

  •   Manage SharePoint solutions and applications

Module 5: Manage search capabilities

  • Create and configure Enterprise search

  • Create and configure a Managed Metadata Service (MMS) application

  • Manage search

  • Manage taxonomy

  • Plan and configure a search workload

Module 6: Plan and configure cloud services

  • Plan and configure a BI infrastructure

  • Create and configure work management

  • Plan and configure cloud and federated hybrid search

Module 7: Monitor and optimise a SharePoint environment

  •  Monitor a SharePoint environment

  •  Tune and optimise a SharePoint environment

  • Troubleshoot a SharePoint environment

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