Elastic Endpoint Security Advanced Threat Hunting


New cybersecurity threats appear every day, as adversaries are always evolving and finding new ways to attack your network. This instructor-led course focuses on advanced threat hunting scenarios using the Elastic Endpoint Security platform. You will learn about various types of hunts — including data-driven, technique-driven and intel-driven hunting. You will then learn how to perform these hunt types by exploring built-in investigations and analytics as well as Event Query Language (EQL) capabilities. After completing this course, you'll be able to employ these proactive methods to identify advanced threats more quickly and respond to them easily.

Duration: 32 hours
  • Classroom - 2 days | 8 hours per day
  • Virtual - 4 Days | 4 hours per day
Intended Audience:

Security analysts who are responsible for threat hunting on the Elastic Endpoint Security solution


Stable internet connection

• Mac, Linux, or Windows

• Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Other browsers not supported)

• Disable any ad blockers and restart your browser before class

  • Familiarity with Linux and Windows operating system
  • Basic understanding of cyber security concepts and terms
Course outlines:

All lessons include hands-on components.

1.      What is a hunt and how do we do it?

Learn what a hunt is, as well as the different types available: data-driven, TTP-driven, and intelligence-driven. Understand how to measure the success of a hunt. Get familiar with Event Query Language (EQL), including its syntax, order of operations, and data pipes. Explore data-driven hunting with Endpoint Security by manipulating collected data, turning analytics into EQL queries, and then looking outside of analytics.

2.      Advanced EQL use cases

Perform intelligence-driven hunts, turning intelligence reports into EQL queries. Perform TTP-driven hunts, translating MITRE ATT&CK techniques into EQL queries.

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